The CDP Jolly Roger

Clan Pledge of AllegianceEdit

We are the pirates. We are the Cheesy Doom Pirates. We will hold the lines. We will show no mercy. We will show no pity. We are independence. WE protect that freedom. We protect our freedom. We will die for that freedom. We will die so it will live. We kill all who oppose it and we teach those who don't understand it. We are that freedom, we are the Pirates!!

Leader + Government Edit

Leader: Agertor

Substitute(s): Doifgh, Penzil

You report to your leader when you have failed, succeeded or made a transaction in the name of CDP.


The Pirates are run as a based-free roam clan. How this works is so long as relations and everything is taken into effect, each member solves their own problems if they cause them. However in need of aide and you have support the Pirates will help eachother in trade. Trading and trading wanted merchandise for others is what the pirates wish to do.

The positionsEdit

  1. Pirate Leader- Agertor
  2. Pirate Captain- Doifgh
  3. First mate- Penzil
  4. Second mate- RZ_Urge
  5. Third mate-
  6. The Pirate mass-All of you who make this clan possible