When a player enters the game they will select a player class or area of expertise. Each player class has special abilities and/or improved attributes.


  • Improved barricading speed
  • Improved barricade strength


  • Can create anti virus from scavenged chemicals
  • Ability to heal health in others
  • Increased resistance to infection


  • Inflicts greater damage with firearms and military weapons
  • Can create timed and triggered IEDs from explosive objects and electrical devices created by electronics/communications expert.


  • Less detectable to zombies, human NPCs and other players when in 'stealth mode'
  • Ability to 'sense' possible threats

Physical Combat/Survivalist

  • Improved health
  • Improved speed
  • Improved melee
  • Able to go longer without food and water

Electronics & Communications

  • Can create and repair communications equipment such as personal radio transmitters, radios, and CB radios using scavenged electrical equipment.
  • Can create remote, tripped and timed detonators using scavenged electrical equipment. These detonators can be used by a weapons expert to create IEDs with.