Buffoon Platoon

The Buffoon Platoons logo since its inception.

A Basic Summary Edit

The Buffoon Platoon, an experimental clan, which was founded by User:PsuedoNam, was created to be an escape from the constant tension and quarrels between the clans on Z-Day. It was made for the sole purpose to be a new, friendly, and highly-humorous community for Z-Day.

Goals Edit

There are many goals of the group, but to summarize it, the goals will be listed:

- To create a lighthearted, friendly, and highly humorous community.

- To create a diplomatic group comprised of members from all of the Z-Day Clans to hopefully create a peace group and end the feuds between clans.

- To create a group of completely equal individuals, devoid of rank, oppression, and hate.

- And to be an effective and contributing component to the Z-Day community.

Its really based on those basic four principles. And there's not much else to it.

Origin of the name Edit

"What a silly name," you might ask, well there's a few explanations behind the name.

People may call them crazy for trying a group functioned the way they do, "There's no rank, no order, its not even technically considered official." And that right there is the point, people in the clan will be called buffoons, and they stick together as a group, hence the Platoon of Buffoons.

Buffoon Platoons Forum Page Edit

Although being in an infantile stage, the Buffoon Platoon does have a forum, which can be found at

Members Edit

- PsuedoNam - Founder

- Cardinal Manx - Administrator

- ಠ_ಠ - Emergency Administrator Account

- Furher 66asjz66 - Goon

- Vicar Krauzer - Goon

- Spectre - Goon

- superpickles - Goon