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The Legion of Sovereign (also known as The Legion, TLOS) is a ZDay clan created for the purpose of providing the community with a chaotic clan, of which there were none at the time of formation. The clan's inspiration seems to come directly from the ZDay design doc, which has a small section about NPC's known as "Fanatics", cultist characters driven to destroy everyone outside of their religion. The Legion was formed as the player driven answer to the Fanatics; a clan devoted to the destruction of these so called "heretics" as well as creating general chaos.

History Edit

The Legion was created on May 23, 2009, by former Exchange members Manxome and Krauzer. Manxome provided most of the base for the clan's structure and ideology, with Krauzer advising on the clan's policies. The start of The Legion began with the defacement of The Exchange clan thread, proclaiming that "The Exchange is Dead" and the sudden appearance of Legion propaganda. Afterwards, Cardinal Manxome created The Legion's official clan thread, with messages including that "things would be different from here on out". There was some concern from a few developers that The Legion was just a bid to stir up trouble, though Manxome assured them privately that The Legion is merely chaotic and won't cause any harm to the ZDay forums' integrity.

Structure Edit

Cardinal Edit

Current rank holders: Manxome Function: Leadership Summary: The position of Cardinal is the commanding authority of The Legion. Duties include invoking jihads against heretics, inspiring the troops, and preaching about the Legion's idol of worship, The Sovereign, in addition to keeping records of Legion history.

Vicar Edit

Current rank holders: Krauzer Fuction: Lieutenant Leadership, commanding troops, modding the site, preaching, persecuting heretics Summary: Vicars (pronounced "vicker") take orders directly from the Cardinal and acts on them; it is the duty of the Vicar to defend the Legion against threats foreign and internal, as well as dispersing the will of the Cardinal amongst the Zealots. Vicars may act as officers in the field of battle, or as preachers, or in the case of the Legion, both.

The Inquisitor is the most trusted of the Vicars, passing final judgement on cases of heresy and treatment of same. He or she who holds this position is considered the right hand of the Sovereign, bringing judgement and carrying out of divine sentences. The Inquisitor, in this manner, is effectively judge, jury, and executioner, and can operate in this manner as he or she sees fit.


Current rank holders: British_Crusader Function: Combat, resource gathering, spread of ideology. Summary: According to Legion ideology, Zealots are minions that do tasks vital to the preservation of The Legion; this includes combating threats, gathering materials useful to The Legion, and defending Legion holdings. Zealots are treated fairly, and all are invited to voice their opinions on Legion policy.

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Members as of May 24, 2009 include:
Cardinal Manxome
Inquisitor Krauzer
Zealot British_Crusader