It's an absolute necessity that games involve video content nowadays, without, the game is seen as incomplete as a piece of junk that won't reach the people. Video content in games mostly get used for marketing purposes or to add that special zing to the game. Where would Resident Evil be without those special cutscènes that involve interaction? Exactly, videos are a huge backbone that serves as a bridge between the relationship of the developers and the players. Even at this current day, video content gains more and more attention in the games.


Only add videos related to ZDay, the MMOFPS being designed by Arrowhead Games. Videos regarding clans, community reception, glitches, etc. are not to be uploaded.

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  • Note; the content shown in the videos might be outdated.
  • Note; the content shown in the videos does not directly represent the final product.


Made by members of ZDay Edit

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