(Note: The following information is based on an unreleased game and will be subject to change as new features are announced.)

Weapons, in their broadest sense, are anything that can be used to inflict harm on something. In the case of ZDay, weapons will be used to combat zombies, chaotic NPCs, and hostile players. A few examples of weapons likely to be present in ZDay include firearms and melee weapons.

Firearms Edit

Shotguns Edit

Shotguns are guns that fire a spread of pellets, or shot, in a wide spread pattern. For this reason, shotguns have tremendous stopping power. However, due to the pellet's spread, the shotgun loses this power at medium to long range, making it an extremely niche weapon.

Handguns Edit

Pistols are small, concealable guns, that can be fired from one hand. As a rule, pistols have far less stopping power when compared to other guns, but is lightweight and lacks the limiting bulk of larger weapons. Pistols are commonly used for personal defense, as they are ineffective at long ranges, and are useful in close quarters combat in that it is harder for enemies to grab and is more maneuverable than shoulder firearms. Types of handguns include pistols, in which the gun's chamber is integral to the barrel, and the revolver, which features a rotating cylinder of chambers.

Submachine Guns Edit

Submachine guns (or SMGs) are fully automatic weapons that use small caliber ammunition, normally as a compromise between the power of a machine gun and the small size of the handguns, and are generally seen as a compromise between the two.

Rifles Edit

This includes three types of rifle: bolt action rifles, in which the bolt is operated manually by the opening and closing of the breech with a small handle; semi-automatic rifles, in which this is done automatically, allowing a number of shots in quick succession; and assault rifles, which are fully automatic rifles. Rifles generally use high caliber ammunition, are highly accurate, and offer a massive amount of stopping power.

Sniper Rifles Edit

Sniper rifles are rifles that feature an attached scope, and are used for accurate combat at a distance. Sniper rifles are normally bolt action or semi automatic, as fully automatic fire would compromise the weapon's accuracy.

Machine Guns Edit

Machine guns are large, often stationary, fully automatic weapons that deliver high volumes of fire in very short amounts of time. Though cumbersome, machine guns can scour an area with bullets, making it dangerous for enemy forces to leave cover. Machine guns are deadly against groups.

Submitted Firearm list Edit

Pistol Capacity Caliber

1911A1 Series

7+1 .45 ACP
Sig P226
15+1 9MM

Ruger Vaquero

6 .45 Colt


Shotgun Capacity Caliber


Remington 870 4+1 12GA


Benelli M3 Super 90 (rare semi-auto) 7+1 12GA


Remington SPR220 (Side by Side double barrel) 2 12GA


Rifle Capacity Caliber


AK-47 30+1 7.62x39MM


AR-15 30+1 5.56MM/.223 REM


Ruger 10/22 10/30/50 rounds .22 LR


Marlin 1894 10+1 .44 Mag