Welcome all to this humble Wikia of ZDay! Where content of ZDay is packed together to one valuable source of information. This place of hapiness and information is made by the community itself, by you. You heard that right! You and all the others interested in ZDay have the opportunity to pass any information related to ZDay on to others by using this Wikia. This information might put your brain into overdrive since you probably don't know what to do, but you do want to help the Wikia out, now don't you? So get started by following the following steps!

How to get started?Edit

  1. Seeing that you're new, you probably don't have an account yet. It's obvious that it's time to change that. Having an account will give you more privileges than when you don't, so it surely is worth to take a split second to sign up for. Right here!
  2. Now that your account has been created, it's about time to get known around the ZDay Wikia. How about testing its functions out by playing around in the sandbox? Where you can test out nearly all functions of the Wikia!
  3. Roam freely thorough the ZDay Wikia, it's a good thing to observe before you take any action. You may have noticed already that some pages can't be edited, those are the protected pages. Those pages are most of the time valuable pages to the Wikia which for its own protection has been protected by the administrators.

Guidelines Edit

It's common sense that guidelines are there to avoid any trouble from occurring. Misunderstandings, confusions and conflicts are marks that are easily made by humans. These marks are inevitable but we do want to minimize them as much as we're able to. For that reason guidelines have been set up! To avoid any unnecessary disputes!

  • Yet to find out what guidelines are needed to avoid any negative reaction from occurring.

Do's and Don'ts Edit

Probably the best thing to look at when you're having a dilemma about if you should or shouldn't do something on the ZDay Wikia. These are little pointers to look out for to make everyone's stay here at the Wikia comfortable.

  • Do not edit a userpage if you do not have the permission of the the owner for it;
  • Do not be stubborn, discuss if someone else does not share your opinion;
  • Do not spread rumours like if they are facts, start or search for the appropriate section instead to publish them;

Now what?Edit

Are you still here? You're supposed to head out there in the Wikia! Just make sure that you respect the guidelines and if you're stuck with something. Feel free to ask for help on the ZDay forum in the appropriate thread.