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ZDay is an under-development post-apocalyptic MMORPG being created by Arrowhead Games. The current project is in pre-Alpha (0.3). Despite the game being so far from completion, a loyal fan base has already sprouted up on the ZDay forums, which can be found at its site.

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April Development Blog

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately there isn't a lot we can show you this month as the majority of development work has been on the AI & programming. With our Art Department Lead off for a few weeks due to college commitments, the modellers and artists have been given some time to cool off after a great run of production a few weeks back. As most of you will know, May-June is often the seasonal period of examinations in schools, colleges and universities and therefore for a second year running we have noticed a decreased amount of development in ZDay! This is only natural of course as none of us are paid for the work we do and real life commitments must come first... [MORE]


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What's new

Nothing at the moment; the earlier announcement regarding clans being pointless is to be disregarded. However, clans will no longer be featured on the front page due to the neutrality this wiki is supposed to promote.

However, since other pages regarding new ZDay content will be few and far between, expect this space to be empty for a good period of time. Toodles!

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