Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

General QuestionsEdit

When will ZDay be released?

At the moment, the projected release is for 2010.

How can I become a tester?

Be active on the forum, keep up to date with ZDay news and generally show an interest in the project. We pick up on those members who are active every day and contribute to the community, before we approach you to ask you to become a tester.

How much is ZDay going to cost?

At the moment, we are trying our best to keep it as a free game, although money coming in means better servers can be bought and better performances whilst playing the game. In the future, options may be available for donations.

I have some ideas for a game like this, what should I do?

Come and sign up on our forums and post your suggestions. ZDay can only be built upon ideas and suggestions, and coming from the public is a great way to bring in fresh ones. It also means that ordinary players can contribute to the game.

Technical QuestionsEdit

What game engine is ZDay running on?

We are currently developing ZDay with the "Torque Game Engine Advanced" More information can be found here.

Will my computer be able to run ZDay?

At the moment, we are currently trying to work out how many systems ZDay will be able to run on. Our aim is, of course, to have it available to everyone. That would be Windows, Linux and Mac. To help us further, you could participate in our quick survey on the forums found here.


Do you have a question which isn't answered here?

It may already be answered in the forum. If not feel free to ask it in the Forums, Chat Room or use the Contact Us form.

21:14, 6 June 2009 (UTC)